Donnerstag, 24. Februar 2011

my gloomy head

After watching Speaking in Code - a documentary about electronic music by Amy Grill or the Xth time yesterday I realized that I am in love with one scene, when the Wignomy Borthers drove up the hills around Jena, their home town, which coincidently is my home town too. And of course seeing the town wearing it's winter coat surrounded by that by a cold dusk made me a bit sentimental, but what ultimately made me fell in love with the scene is this :

the melody in there is extremely touching. When the melody enters the arrangement and you get goosebumps and don't know if you wanna scream or cry out of happyness , you realize you're an techno-addict and that's exactly YOUR kinda shit. It's moments like that , that make me understand no matter how fake the social environment of the technoscene might or might not be in the end it's all about the love to the music and when people honestly share that, who gives a fuck  if they only meet that night on the dark sometimes dirty dancefloor smile at each other knowing that they feel the same, being taken away from the music, resolving the every-day-worries in a beat, a bass line or in my case that melody-hook.

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