Montag, 7. Februar 2011

some clearance before i start

This blog is not about mocking, I will take the opportunity and post some music I believe is relevant or at least was or is still relevant to me and make a necessary or unnecessary comment or addition now and then to a postings of , once in a while i will also tell some story from behind the scenes. To cut this short I'll post some music , I stumbled on or did get recommented from friends.

This is a track of Gold Panda's - "Lucky Shiner" album released in 2010 on Ghostly International.

This is the first of two tracks from last year , I'd like to share the other one is Four tet's - She just likes to fight from the album "There is Love in You" released on Domino.

And of we go into the new year:

Very recently Isolee released a new album called "Youth well spent" on Pampa records .

I like the video and I also think the new album is a bit of a game changer in electronic music, since the music , takes the ideas of IDM to a different level, where the audience is not even the focus of education but of distraction and confusion.

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