Sonntag, 20. Februar 2011

sunday morning 8:30AM

I am writing this entry for the second time now, because I hit the "Clear Content"-Button and before I started the understand what it exactly was , that I have done, I felt like a complete moron. I started in the first post like this :

I am shivering , because the last breath of winter struck me down, so I am sitting here in the bed with some kind of cold , the upside of that and the reason I am mentioning this is, for the first time in months I am upon a Sunday morning on a reasonable hour. So yes I enjoy the fact it's just 9:00AM . When I typed the first post in was 8:30 , so let's go with 8:30, and what does one do at 8:30AM freshly woken up from some kind of cough-interrupted dream about brand-sliders and jquery-carousels ? Yes, one ,in this case me is fighting with the blanket , being astonished about the fact that i shiver really strangely when exposed to the room temperature , but mainly browsing down the posts on Facebook, and thankfully Ghostly International posted a link to a band called "School of the Seven Bells" their album is called "Disconnect From Desire" and since I am a fan of the warmth and cold of the ghostly International harmonies and the electronic fractals, I am ignoring the fact that this music is almost pop music, because it's really beautiful. And made my Sunday morning.

School of Seven Bells - "Half Asleep"

School of Seven Bells - Windstorm [Official Video]

School Of Seven Bells - 'My Cabal'

Here is the initial link I found on facebook, it's a Free EP

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